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Meet Jeff


Jeff Levin, (pronounced le-VEEN), is the president and CEO of Specialty Lending Group (SLG)β€”one of the most successful private-lending companies in the country. A sought-after speaker and market expert on real estate investing, Jeff has generated thousands of loans, originated more than $300 million in loan volume, and overseen $1.5 billion in total loan production.  In his new book and in lectures given around the country, Jeff shares with investors and new private lenders his proven approach to safely and profitably engaging in private lending.

With more than twenty-five years in the business, Jeff offers great insight into an evolving industry. He enjoys sharing his expertise with novice and seasoned investors alike, providing accessible and easily to-understand guidance. Jeff serves on the Education Advisory Committee of the American Association of Private Lenders (APPL) and as the Learning Chair of the Washington chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization. He has also served on the advisory board of a $1 billion FDIC-insured bank, as well as on the Board of Directors of the mid-Atlantic chapter of the Certified Commercial Investment Member Institute.

Jeff believes that private lending can be a great way to help others while earning safe and consistent returns. By sharing his knowledge and industry expertise, he hopes to help to grow the private lending industry, creating more opportunity for lenders and borrowers alike. He invites you to reach out to him to start a conversation.